Elite Baseball Performance

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Elite baseball performance training is available to high school, college and profession players. sessions focus on developing and maximizing the 5 baseball tools and will feature baseball specific lifts and conditioning work along with baseball skill work. rake sessions focus on hitting, gas sessions focus on fielding and throwing, while blaze sessions focusing on developing baseball specific speed and agility.


A one hour baseball performance session that includes baseball specific lifts & speed training plus position specific fielding & throwing drills that focus throwing mechanics, footwork, glovework and rotational power.


Session focuses on baseball specific lifts & speed training plus hitting drills that focus on swing mechanics, rotational power and hand eye coordination.


Get ready to put your feet into the ground with this one hour session focused solely on developing blazing fast speed. on the basepath.

Small Group


$299/month 2x a week

$399/month 3x a week

*all monthly packages require a 3 month commitment and come with individualized nutrition plan.

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Private Training

For those looking for private training Awaken has limited slots available for 1 on 1 training. Sessions are geared towards the individuals goals and can focus on hitting, pitching, position specific fielding or speed training.

$100/ session

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