“There is No Wealth Better Than Health of Body, & There is No Gladness Above Joy of Heart.”

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 AWAKEN Performance Training

AWAKEN is the premier metro-atlanta gym located in Covington, GA. AWAKEN offers training for general fitness clients, athletes from all sports, and also offers sport & position specific soccer, basketball, football & softball/ baseball lessons. AWAKEN polishes, develops, and builds elite level human performance for both general fitness clients and athletes. at AWAKEN, we believe that the human body was made to be beautiful & strong. & made to move with power, grace and fluidity. we aim to develop and enhance this belief in each client that we work with.


The Mission

Simple. through well designed exercise programming and eclectic funky grooves AWAKEN guides, motivates, & inspires people from all walks of life, whether a single mother looking for a way to take care of urself or a teenager looking to take ur game to the next level, to push beyond the mental limitations they have placed upon their physical capabilities and show them what their bodies are truly capable of when they choose to AWAKEN