The Awaken facility is divided between two main rooms. The first room is a 900 square foot room that houses traditional power racks, barbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, boxing bags, & cardio fitness equipment. The second connected room features almost 2,000 square feet of open floor space that houses a 70 foot collapsible batting cage.

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Welcome & Thank-You for Visiting AWAKEN Performance Training

AWAKEN is the premier metro-atlanta gym located in Covington, GA. AWAKEN offers training for general fitness clients, athletes from all sports, and also offers sport & position specific soccer, basketball, football & softball/ baseball lessons. AWAKEN polishes, develops, and builds elite level human performance for both general fitness clients and athletes. at AWAKEN, we believe that the human body was made to be beautiful & strong. & made to move with power, grace and fluidity. we aim to develop and enhance this belief in each client that we work with.


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